you know why cursive comes out of print? to easier belay yet neatness of the spheres, competing for the sparkling trophies of indecisiveness

once on a test, it was similar in this way except the muscles cramped and contracted and leaked lactic acid all over the floor until it became a replacement for milk but people only said so because lactic sounds like lactose intolerant and no one likes white prejudice.

after the first period another slower era began. the poet-head exploded with the notion of punctuation and possibly hyphenation. another dot, ohyespushit on the map leads to treasure like guerrilla calls in the LED city

all caps and dematt at spat of that which remnants further than the ice caps delineating what is useful and trendily accurate, so the radar sets in and everyone is licking everyone else's skinny jeans. please. just say stop.