to never deny you

my heart is burdened to love against its own will
here lies a mark of how you are still the weight of my worth,
determined by touch and quantified words you offer up.

i know there's just one conclusion, the torture is how to choose from them.
love, you trap me with things i want to hear
like, "i care for you" and "i want you here"

again, i confirmed i was right, predicting that i would be injured again
allowing pause for a question,
this one: will you prove what you say?
do you just want me back? will you give back to me?

i'm told there's just one solution and i'm torn between every one of them
you haven't seen anything close to this sacrifice, to never deny you

let me tell you this straight
there's two in this game:
one i desire, (you)
and second, the safe
add the third, almighty and absolute word
whom, ultimately, i surrender to