time and place

there's an era of words in my head
things i would have said back then and still now
it's strange like that, it can make you laugh on occasion
when it's not so true that it's tragic
things like, "time will tell" and "time is of the essence"
worse, "i saw it coming"
or "that's just the way it had to happen", "shit happens"
i never meant for this to turn to empty phrases

it's like the dying say, life gets in the way of priority
there is a time and place fit for everything
i cannot disagree with that

surely i can't be the only one to wonder if hopes are fallacies
some are born of choice and some of surrender
all indifferent to any truth of the circumstance
who can guess the alternate or speak in confidence
as if opportunity is borne by design?
all at once i am aware of this childish air,
lacking wisdom and authority

give me more time to say what i need to say
so i hear what i want to hear
if there's a god out there, then please make it clear
how am i supposed live with that