the problem with analytical people

the absence of your dialogue
means you have not asked me to leave.
means you have not asked me to stay.
means you are too polite to throw me out.
means you have nothing pressing to say.

the absence of your attention
means you have not noticed me leave.
means you have not noticed me stay.
means you are too kind to call me weight.
means that we can quietly share space.

meaning absolutely sort of nothing at all.

not having mind-reading abilities, i will analyze by process of elimination;
reach the conclusion that all that is good must be wrong,
that good fortune causes homes to burn down.

i hope i’m wrong. i hope i’m wrong. God, i hope i’m wrong.
so i can say it’s not my fault,
so i can say it was just a miscalculation,
that it’s merely my poor deduction being called into question.

but all the more, my suspicion grows–that reasoning is not the undoing flaw.
it’s that i pushed sphere into square
and expected you to compensate for the missing dimension.

i am sorry–

so truly sorry for my selfishness,
for chasing concrete evidence of the imagined you.
and when i finally present my findings, i privately hope
that your absence means you are asking me to leave.