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steady hands had i said he said have to had to be making such lines on a moving train steady hands i said he said to make some kinds of surgery cut them hands open and yes there were his crooked teeth nailed crooked art on his walls trophies oh third world countries you'll have to come over to my house to see it said he said you'll have to come over come over come over and vogel sits crumbling in the corner hardly i can see but just enough yes those fingers in such a way trying to crumple into a less awkward situation me. ah.


steady hands said he said must have i said he have them hands and i and making barren on them he.
surgery cut them open cut our eyes open see the man with crooked teeth openly inviting me come see the art of my third world countries nailed in the walls while here heaving chest my it is heaving the ticket i ticket the conductor's eyes is heaving while things says he my uneasy is heaving my

that's a nice drawing he said said the train conductor he crumble in the corner vogel in the door he heaving in the chest we haven't felt so disgusted/discussed it i in my steady hands she