let's fall in love pt.4

believe it or not i never tire of telling you
how much i love you
and your funny little laugh
i like your hands and what they don't do
like fold the sheets or put away your clothes
i like the way you smell especially coming home
after a long day of work
when you're too tired to think and you still act strong

i like it when you do that thing
when you put down my friends
because you want to keep me for your own
it used to make me mad but you don't mind
if i tell you to shut your goddamn mouth and kiss me

not sure if i tell you enough that
i've memorized your walk and the shape of your head
i can think of some places we could go
to walk around or do nothing
do you know how much i love you
does it matter if you do?

occasionally the thought comes to mind
that if you died, i would die

in any case i was just trying to say
i love you, i really love you, love you all the time
you're my beautiful man
i love you forever and you make me feel alive