good habits of dental care

brushing teeth is a wonderful ritualistic cleansing. something about running one's tongue over a smooth enamel surface forms a sense of accomplishment from deep within. not merely from the gums and teeth, but from all that comes from the immaculate condition of the mouth.

yet, all nuances of the orifice must be attended to. the tongue must be thoroughly scraped. scraped until the blanket of bacteria has been expelled, until it feels a little of burning. and then there is the business of the back molars, where wisdom teeth were once existent. now there is a space that taunts the toothbrush, a place hard to reach, yet so important. one must scrub! scrub those spots diligently, lest you rob yourself of the complete pristine condition.

sometimes during the flossing process, the gums bleed, though the cut from the wax string is so minute that it can hardly be felt. reach to the farthest back teeth–no individual ought to be spared, for cleaning should indeed come to all. teeth, i mean. now nearing the end of this consecrated time, finally perform your ablutions with mouth rinse. some articles speculate that alcohol-based mouthwash may be, in fact, worse for the sterilization of the mouth. reach for the non-alcoholic alternative, which will do the trick–and without the sting!

be sure to swoosh and circulate the liquid inside your mouth for a most effective outcome. this is the time when all the parts of your mouth are in communion together. do not underestimate the importance of all steps of the ritual. revere the sacred quality of the brushing of teeth, scrubbing of the tongue, examination of the floss, and unification of the mouth rinse. you can find no fresher breath than the one that has seen time and care each and every day – before and after each meal.