Them Damn Hamiltons

son, you have to face your own mortality
like the brambles of this garden that you kneel on
all your friends are here, but you know some are enemies
you will know it when they put your ear to the ground
here they come now

do you remember what the weight and color silver is?
or the sound it makes when it's about to break
all the muscles on your back before the second tree
you will be the one that they all love to hate
here they come now

now the consequence of loyalty surrounds you
it’s no more or less than what you have to take
for a promise that means nothing, insignificant
as the course of history submits to fate
here they come now

to die's the only reason you were made for
you said yourself that you just want to be like me
those are words no friend or love or foe could understand
oh my son, your weeping face i cannot see
here they come now
here they come now