eastern sea

Them Damn Hamiltons

i take my leave to the eastern sea because she won’t have me
i saw her lips on another lover with his boat docked in her harbor
he takes her and spins her round
always to the beat of my heart
as it pounds near the sliver of the door
my hell is now bent on the whore

her ghost crawls in my bed at night when moon is high and sleep is maddening
her locket shines with glee, looking back from the dresser at me
round her neck it should be hanging
instead her treasure chest is a'swinging
so i think of all the ways i can touch my lydia with my hands

lydia, oh lydia
you’re the most marvelous woman i’ve ever seen
your golden locks will bury you at the bottom of the eastern sea

i hope the hands fall off her lover
land on rocks and fields and farmer's hounds will track his scent
bring him back and then feed him to the pigs
i am not a jealous man, but i am just all the same
one day my darling lydia shall be beneath me under the eastern sea