there's so many things i want to say
but all i can settle for is
you cut my legs down so i can't stand up to you now
i'm like the wind so i bend when you get in my way
but then i'm not in the same place

you think you're the only one hurt
but your hurt's just another indictment to me
you think you have all the right to make judgments
but i don't feel anger just pain

don't you know i'm not the sum of wrongs or rights
and i know you don't care what anyone says
so why should i

i've seen splendid canyons
where time has carved silk and waves of water
into scenes of breathtaking beauty
but beauty's up to you
my many faults run through your arches like floods
i can only hope that you'll let me through

here on the edge
i stand on the ledge of a canyon, your defense
depends how you see it i guess
if we're making places to treasure or be trapped