bloom or burn

don't think about the good things, they'll only make you sad
just imagine as if they were things you never had
don't think about the sweet things, they'll only make you mad
that you believed in having things that you could never have

but "your heart is big enough to love"
at least, that's what we say when our hopes meet the ground

don't go back to your memories or let them be a mark
you will be the only one remembering in the dark
did you honor the grave where your names were all you shared
is tragedy the tragedy or the fact that no one cared

they say hope defies all reason and the evidence of the heart
and blinds our eyes with vision when we first emerge
it's a choice to stay in hiding—an excuse called self-defense
we could burn before we ever even get the chance

but your heart is big enough to love
made for someone else to take it on
and lay it bare for it to bloom or burn
in marriage of unlikely universes