abigail williams

Them Damn Hamiltons

after we buried our old man in his grave
we called up the minister to count up the safe
he said, grab your daughters up and cover their eyes
their weakers souls are liable to wander in time

all eyes and flowers on my best sunday dress
i sat by the farmer with a tentative breath
as every man and woman put their hands up to pray
i felt his eyes upon me in a devilish gaze

how did he get his wife to walk in the fields
an idle thought that passed me while he dug in his heels
he said we would dance upon Elizabeth’s grave
and damned be the Marys if they gave us away

no man incarnate can conceal his sin
and i possessed him and invited him in
he kept us a secret ‘til the witches arrived
and that was the moment all the blame became mine

heaven’s calling for you, hell is calling you too
don’t you dare turn away lest satan poison you
all we count are the days ‘til we know we are saved
at least that’s what you will do if you know what’s at stake